FormCan - Reinventing your form building experience

Form builder, reimagined.

Built with stunning form editor, you will never fill out a form the same way again. FormCan is the next generation form builder powered by stunning form designs, live preview, and app integration— all within your reach.

Build effective web forms

Create effective and stunning Forms easily

Reinventing your form building experience

  • Create and share easily

    An intuitive and modernized way to create forms, no matter the size or number of pages it has. Share your forms easily through links or embed them on your website.

  • Design diversified forms

    Switch between predefined themes in just one click. Design your forms with easy-to-use panels to modify your form’s look and feel. Build with dark and light modes in place that automatically matches your system settings.

  • Invite clients to
    Complete the form

    Send an invitation to clients with pre-filled forms to enhance your form completion rate.

  • Manage your submissions

    Highly configurable search, tagging, and exporting of submissions. Edit submissions and track revisions for consistent monitoring.

  • Security and collaboration

    Add team members to collaborate and assign permissions as form editors and submission viewers. Use HIPAA-compliant forms for PII data.

  • API and Integrations

    RESTful API and webhook available. Zapier and Integrately connect your forms to over 5000 applications. Zero commission payments, more out-of-the-box integrations.


Elevate your forms with our stylish themes and templates that match your taste. Customize everything in various modes: Dark, material, basic, or advance—all in one tool.
Stunning design form themes
Create form with the templates
Customized form designCustomized form design

Live preview

Say goodbye to manual clicking of preview when you make changes in your form. Our live preview feature lets you visualize your form changes — everything in an instant.

Build stunning forms in a snap


Automatically updated form preview
Build stunning forms in a snap
Live preview form design Dark and light appearance forms


Pay as you use form pricing
Don’t waste a dime with those unused quota anymore. Pay for the forms you only need.
Lower budget forms
Now, you can monitor your budget easily. With our pay-as-you-go pricing model, you’ll save 4x more than your usual form costs.
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  • Typeform
  • Formsite
  • Formplus
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Collaborate and
collect data safely

Our HIPAA-compliant forms are equipped with layers of security. Whether you’re creating forms for you or your customers, your secured data collection now comes in handy.
HIPAA compliant forms

secured data

form encrypted data
team collaboration on form creating
Simply edit and allow permissions on your forms for a faster team collaboration.

Diversified features

Automate and
personalize your forms.

Create a smoother data flow for your online forms with our API integration. Collect payments through Stripe, be notified with your submissions on Slack, and store in your go-to cloud drive. Aside from integrating your forms with tons of out-of-the-box apps, you can also use the custom branding for a maximized experience.
  • Form Zaiper integration
  • Dropbox Integrations
  • Google Drive integrating support
  • Box integration support
  • out-of-the-box support for Microsoft OneDrive
  • Send messages to Slack when forms got submissions
  • Zero commission on stripe payment integration with your form
Bilingual forms

Speak your language.

Supporting multiple languages, you can now build the form that aligns with your preferred lingo.