Free web form features

Create and Share Forms

  • Share link or embed
    to your website
    Easily share your form with your customers
  • Save for later
    Have an unfinished form? Save it for later and complete it within 90 days
  • Conditional logic
    Make smarter forms by setting up show, hide, enable, disable form fields, calculation, etc.
  • Multiple sections and pages
    Separate your form by sections or pages for easier interface
  • Text input
    Choose from different text inputs such as short or long text, email, URL or date time, etc.
  • Initial value of text input
    Pre-fill value by fixed text, incremental value, date time or URL parameter, etc.
  • Powerful checkbox
    Customize checkbox with single or multiple checks, others and none-to-all option
  • Cascaded dropdown
    Built with multiple levels of cascaded dropdown list
  • Embed field
    Easily embed video, audio, map, flicker image, even tweet, etc.
  • Signature
    Draw, type, and upload your signature seamlessly
  • File upload
    Unlimited uploading of file size
  • Multilingual form
    Switch between different languages on the same form to suit your language style
  • Rating
    With different shapes and types of score fields for personalized rating
  • Customizable notifications to a user
    Customize notifications by editing the subject and body of the email with custom fields
  • Customizable notifications to a team
    Separate notifications email to your team members for distinction
  • Customizable completion message
    A customized thank you message when the form is submitted for interaction
  • Redirect on completion
    Redirect to your page when the form is completed

Manage your submissions

  • Edit submission and resubmit
    Fix the form submissions
  • Configurable submission display
    Select displayable and searchable from the form field
  • Traceable history on submission editing
    Keep track of your editing history
  • Export submissions CSV
    Download any time range, email CSV, or upload to your cloud drive on real-time
  • Custom domain for form
    Use your domain name on your form link for that professional, white-labeled forms
  • Custom email domain
    Send an email by your email address


  • Form Themes
    Apply elegant themes on your forms with one click
  • Form Templates
    Can't start from scratch? Build your form with pre-designed forms
  • Customize design
    Easy to use design panel to fully customize your form's looks-and-feel
  • Dark mode form
    Auto switch your forms between light and dark appearance for convenience

Security and collaboration

  • Team collaboration
    Invite team members to edit or manage submissions
  • Fine control permission
    Control your permission on form editing, submission and form submit
  • HIPAA compliant forms
    Safely collect personal information
  • Encrypted data
    Free or paid plan, all your data are encrypted

Invite users to fill out the form

  • Invite your users to complete the form
    Invite team members to edit or manage submissions
  • Pre-fill the form
    Control your permission on form editing, submission and form submit
  • Scheduled open or closed form
    Safely collect personal information
  • Fill out form once
    Close the form if it got a submission
  • Password protected form
    Add a layer of extra protection on your pre-filled form

API and Integrations

  • API Access
    RESTFul API that can retrieve forms and submissions, and pre-fill the form
  • Webhooks
    Real-time monitoring of form submissions
  • Zapier and Integrately
    Connect to over 5,000+ apps
  • Slack Integration
    Be notified on Slack when your form got submission with values
  • Stripe Payment integration
    Zero commissions
  • More out-of-the-box integrations
    Appcues, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box. Hang tight for more upcoming integrations